We are a food truck company selling Southern Italian Street Food all over the Netherlands, we use organic and high quality ingredients to provide you with an unforgettable tasting experience, unexpensive and satisfying.

Our mission is to unveil an unexplored side of the italian traditional cuisine. 
We want to bring street food right where it belongs: in the street, on wheels. 

We opened our grandmas' cookbooks to use only traditional recipes and serve the full experience of italian food: comforting, familiar, fulfilling and handcrafted, at a price that won't hurt your wallets! 

We hope you like eating with your hands, because we don't give a fork!

The super tasty, family-style southern Italian goodies that you find at O'Truck make us a great choice for catering!
Nothing gets your event going like enjoying delicious, authentic Southern Italian food with colleagues, friends, and family. 
Our convenient Catering Delivery service ensures you don't need to leave your event to pick up your order.

Arancini (sicilian riceballs, meat and veggie option)
Crocchè (potato croquets filled with mozzarella cheese) 
Panelle (sicilian chickpeas fries)

You bring the crowd, we'll bring the feast!

Voor meer informatie en direct contact kunt u uw inhoudelijke aanvraag 
naar ons MAILEN!

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