donderdag 30 maart 2017

Te Koop: Professionele pastamachine Bottene INVER 3 T

Professionele pastamachine Bottene INVER 3 T (zelden gebruikt).

Capaciteit 2 kg meel - output per uur 7-9 kg pasta.

Compleet met 4 standaard bronzen matrijzen (maccheroni, linguine, tagliatelle en lasagna vellen).

Met elektronisch mes voor korte pasta. 

Bij serieuze interesse kunnen wij U in contact brengen met de verkoper via MAIL!


INVER 3 is a strong pasta machine practical and simple to use.
It is possible to produce various type of fresh pasta with any type of flour, with or without eggs and even coloured pasta: red with tomato, green with spinach, brown with cocoa etc. It is economic because it allows you to dose with pleasure the ingredients and you can offer the very high quality of fresh pasta at the same cost of normal dry pasta.
Construction of INVER is of highest quality materials, complying with all safety standards. Auger and mixer removable for an easy cleaning.
Each machine comes complete with 4 standard dies.
Accessories: cutter system for short pasta, stand, many type of dies are available.

This is the ideal machine for restaurants seating up to 50 approx.

It is hard wearing and easy to use and can be used to make a range of fresh pasta formats with any type of flour: soft wheat, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat, etc.

Pasta can be made either with or without eggs and in different colours: tomato or beetroot red, spinach green, cocoa brown, etc.

It is economical to use because ingredients can be dosed as desired. With a limited expense you can offer clients especially delicious, personalised and top quality products.

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